Program Management: Retail Food Service Sales Planning & Strategy

Thought Logic’s strategic guidance and experienced program management led to the successful design and launch of an enterprise-wide Marketing and Sales System

Business Challenge

A global leader in the retail food services industry with an international presence that includes 34 manufacturing facilities, 26 distribution centers, four innovation centers of excellence and more than 8,500 employees possessed a large product portfolio that underwent significant rationalization. The challenge was that the Sales Teams required guidance on selling specific products for existing and future clients. Additional issues included limited automation, information residing with SMEs only, or information residing in disparate systems with inherent gaps, duplication, and/or obsolete data. The solution was to have IT align with the Business to develop an IT Digital Vision and roadmap and to design and deploy centralized strategic systems to significantly enhance the user experience with relevant and accurate product information.


Our experienced team members were asked to Program Manage and provide guidance on the development of a new sales and marketing system from development though launch in close collaboration with multiple organizations across the business (i.e. Sales, Marketing, Finance, and IT). The team assisted with vendor and system implementation partner selection, worked with senior leadership and key personnel to establish common and agreed upon business requirements, developed detailed project plans, and provided guidance on developing a global product attribute framework to establish alignment throughout the company and with the system integrator. In addition, the team focused on Change Management to provide continuous and coherent communication with the global organization throughout the program that ensured the stakeholders embraced the new technology and processes.