Business Transformation: Financial Services (Energy) Merger Integration

Close collaboration with a Fortune 10 company drives significant post-acquisition cost reductions

Business Challenge

Our client, a large, multinational diversified financials organization, is a Fortune 10 company. After a recent acquisition valued at over $9B, one of the key initiatives that they wanted to undertake was to maximize synergies, remove costs and realize the true benefit of the acquisition. Our client needed to assess opportunities for cost reduction, but was having difficulty determining how best to structure their Selling, General and Administrative expenses (SG&A). The acquisition had left them with overlapping people, processes and tools.


Thought Logic was engaged to help generate a strategy for our client’s multi-year integration of their new acquisition. Working alongside key representatives from our client’s finance and accounting teams, we identified key pain points and developed outcome scenarios that would allow our client to reach their synergy targets for SG&A expenditures. As a result of the work performed, our client requested that Thought Logic remain onboard to help lead the implementation of the strategic plan as well. That work is currently underway.