Business Transformation: Retail Foodservice Transformation Program

Thought Logic leads an effort to create a Transformation Office that results in a more focused and effective approach to company growth

Business Challenge

A global leader in the retail food services industry with an international presence that includes 34 manufacturing facilities, 26 distribution centers, four innovation centers of excellence, and more than 8,500 employees has embarked on a major company wide organizational, process and technology transformation. The challenge of identifying, approving and managing a portfolio of critical projects in every organizational group in an effective, consistent and measurable approach required the creation of a Transformation Office and program that needed to be communicated and implemented in a matter of months. The solution was to significantly change the company culture and provide a more focused and effective approach to company growth.


Our experienced team members were asked to assist to create the Transformation Program including project charters and reporting instruments and then engage with all business owners to guide and assist in developing each project charter and obtain approvals to proceed. The team designed a comprehensive project charter, measureable KPIs and resource plan for over 25 critical multi-million dollar projects. The team worked with senior leadership to align projects that were mutually dependent, prepared them for change and analyzed projected resource utilization to identify and mitigate resource contention. The creation of a monthly reporting dashboard is still used on a regular basis with Senior Management and at Board Level to observe project performance and if required engage quickly on projects that require remediation.