Change Management: Automotive Career Framework Management

Thought Logic designs a strategy to ensure adoption of a new enterprise career framework for improved talent management

Business Challenge

A large web-based vehicle sales company has integrated more than 20 companies in the past two years resulting in more than 30,000 team members and more than 3,500 roles with different titling schemes, pay philosophies and bonus structures. These challenges have caused confusion about jobs and career paths, competition among internal companies for talent due to differences in compensation structures and an inefficient talent mobility process. The solution was to revolutionize the way the company manages talent in the organization through transparent career growth opportunities and guidance so every team member can easily navigate their careers across the organization.


Our team members were asked to assist with change management to ensure adoption of the new enterprise career framework. The team designed a comprehensive change management strategy that included stakeholder analysis, impact analysis, engagement plans, sponsor roadmaps, training strategies and communications. The team worked with senior leadership to align leaders across companies and prepare them for change as well as identified and trained a global Change Network responsible for delivering key information. The client continues to leverage the change management tools and methodology as they continue to implement career framework within the entire organization.