Change Management – Beverage Industry Transformation

Thought Logic guidance helps a cultural transformation initiative boost sustainment and workforce engagement

Business Challenge

For a global refreshment brand striving for continuous renewal of its product portfolio, previous attempts to transform to a more innovative and agile finance function were thwarted by their deeply risk-averse, governance-heavy work style. Recognizing that a new approach to transformation was needed – one that worked to reshape the culture of the organization – our client knew that traditional change management strategies would fall short. Creating a transformation workstream centered around Culture Change was the right step, but our client lacked the expertise to diagnose and design an effective change strategy.


Thought Logic was engaged to provide subject matter expertise to the Culture Workstream as they sought structure and strategy for cultural transformation. We worked with our client to assess cultural norms and design the change needed, then structured the plan for effective roll-out. Blending the culture effort into the overall change management workstream was essential to creating a holistic and seamless experience for our client’s associates. Thought Logic supported all aspects of the change management effort. Our best-practice approach included ongoing measurement of the change effort as the initiative progressed, to ensure that the strategy was working as designed.