Project Leadership: Financial Services Operational Efficiency

Thought Logic delivers effective program management solutions for cost reductions and improved service levels

Business Challenge

Our client, a multi-billion dollar financial services company, is consolidating multiple shared service centers into two lower-cost locations, and simultaneously implementing a new revenue management and fee billing solution from a third-party vendor. Our client required project management help from a team that had deep business transformation experience, expertise in shared service center relocation to a green space, and years of experience managing large, complex programs.


Thought Logic was able to meet our client’s program management challenge, and took on the task of overseeing this multi-year program. We currently manage a diverse team of client associates, Thought Logic employees and multiple other consulting firms. Thought Logic has designed the program plan, including multiple phases, milestones and toll-gates, and is currently creating service level agreements and methods to monitor key performance indicators to obtain best-in-class service for all business units impacted by the program.