Project Leadership: Healthcare Management Transition

Thought Logic leadership for a board-level program for a large enterprise resulted in successful completion of migration activities and ultimately significant cost savings

Business Challenge

A large healthcare company embarked on a multi-year, board-level approved program to consolidate 20+ remote data centers, managed by BU resources, down to 2 core data centers managed by the Corporate IT group. The business case projected a $54M savings over the course of the program. The Business Units involved in the program were less than enthusiastic about transitioning management of their environments, and in some case resources, to Corporate IT for reasons of trust, cost, and overall political culture at this client.


The team was engaged to provide overall Program Management leadership to the executive program sponsor. Multiple projects were underway at any given time which required strong governance and adherence to a standard approach at a Program level, to ensure customer expectations were met through the migration activities. Migrations were completed and the program achieved the $54M savings projected in the business case. This successful effort spawned a follow-on program to continue the data center consolidation activities focusing on additional R&D sites across the enterprise.