Program Governance: Financial Services Global Transformation

Thought Logic Program Governance helps a global transformation which requires discipline and coordination to provide leadership with information needed to effectively drive change

Business Challenge

Our client, a US-base financial services company, sought to significantly improve the performance of the finance function through a combination of a global financial systems enhancement, a global shared services model and streamlined processes. They lacked a vision for governing a global transformation initiative and needed to develop a governance structure and supporting processes quickly since both an ERP implementation was underway and the transformation work was also in flight.


Thought Logic was engaged to design a Program Management Office and provide perspective on the evolving transformation approach. A PMO was established with detailed roles and responsibilities and operating cadence defined to support a rapid integration of the PMO into the transformation efforts. Our client was able to establish a consistent governance approach over existing initiatives and actively engage leadership to gain control over in-flight concerns. As a result of our efforts, we have been engaged to provide additional support across the transformation program.