IT Strategy: Healthcare Cloud Technology

Thought Logic helps develop an enterprise-wide strategy for public cloud to create better efficiencies and the reduce costs

Business Challenge

A large healthcare company does not have a coordinated strategy or approach for Public Cloud opportunities. Different sub-BUs are working down their own paths, in different directions, which causes confusion on how internal groups should be leveraging public cloud providers, and lead to lost savings opportunity with providers by not taking full advantage of the scale of a Fortune 15 organization. One BU has signed their own $2M+ agreement with preferred pricing with a single cloud provider, but that’s not the best answer for all use-cases. Corporate IT was tasked with defining corporate strategy for a Hybrid cloud approach, where having leveraging the strengths of a few providers will allow for the best mix of cost, functionality, and ultimately the opportunity to maximize cost savings.


The client executive sponsor of the Public Cloud Program partnered with Thought Logic to develop the strategy and approach around Public Cloud. This included identifying early use cases for multiple providers that could show immediate savings, and to develop an onboarding approach and agreed upon Service Definitions for the Corporate IT function to help manage environments once they landed on a Public Cloud platform. Additionally Thought Logic played the lead role in navigating through the internal security review processes for the pilot use cases to ensure solutions were architected appropriately and the correct processes were in place to handle sensitive data being stored across the various cloud providers.