IT Strategy: Health Services Data Governance

Thought Logic helped to bring greater value to data through coordinated tagging and delivery to customers.

Business Challenge

A well-known health services company – one of the most recognizable brands in North America – lacked insight regarding how its customers used their products. For years they developed products and services based on “gut feel,” without truly understanding their customers’ wants and needs. Our team members developed a data strategy for bringing together information about their customers as well as their customers’ usage of specific products. The strategy called for a net-new approach to data management and analytics.


Our team members were then asked to help implement the strategy. They designed a new tagging methodology that improved digital analytics; deployed a data quality and integration solution that enabled a single view of customer; architected and deployed a cloud-based big-data platform to house terabytes of customer information; and created a lean data governance framework to monitor and improve customer data quality over time. The client continues to leverage this platform to improve customer service and stimulate product and service innovation.