Change Management: Automotive Operational Change

Thought Logic helps a diverse automotive company to identify optimal processes and document them for standardization that creates greater improvement and efficiencies throughout its system.

Business Challenge

At a large North American automotive company, each Wholesale Auction provided service and products using local procedures and practices. With more than 100 + locations, clients commonly reported that service and product delivery experiences varied drastically from location to location for Wholesale Paint & Body, Mechanical, Detailing, and Marshalling products. This variation impacted customer satisfaction, product profitability, and over time potential loss of client market share. The organization recognized operational procedures needed to be standardized for each product, and opportunities to improve procedure efficiency and effectiveness realized.


The Thought Logic team was engaged by the Product Management function of the client to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for wholesale products: Paint & Body, Mechanical, Detailing, and Marshalling. The team first identified current state processes and procedures then analyzed each to determine opportunities for improvement and standardization. Working in partnership with the client Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), future state processes and procedures were documented using an iterative approach to draft, review/verify, and field test each SOP.