Corporate Relocation: Retail Food Service Relocation Planning

Learn how Thought Logic helped manage a client’s effort to centralize their business by building a new corporate headquarters and relocating the appropriate employees

Business Challenge

A large international bakery, who offers premium quality bakery ingredients, finished products and services for retail and foodservice markets as well as artisan and industrial bakeries, made the strategic decision to build a new headquarters (HQ). The Leadership Team of the client believed that by building a new HQ, they could centralize many of the employees who are currently in various buildings and become an industry leader. The challenge in managing this is coordinating all parties involved in the buildout of the space and coordinating the movement of people to the new HQ. The solution to this challenge is to provide comprehensive project management for all aspects of the move.


The SVP of Products & Marketing and the VP of Transformation asked the Thought Logic team to lead the project management of this move. From a office buildout standpoint, this included liaising with the general contractor, construction company, and leasing agent in addition to making decisions on the furniture, IT infrastructure, and general design elements of the new HQ. From a people perspective, the team performed detailed analysis on the best seating layout and which employees would be relocated to the new HQ. This was accomplished through various meetings with senior leaders from each function within the organization.