Meet Isha Sharma!

Isha Sharma is a Managing Consultant from our Atlanta office with a focus on Strategy Execution. Her ability to provide value above and beyond expectations to her clients and colleagues landed her the Thought Logic Exceed Award for the 2nd Quarter of 2020. We were interested in getting to know the woman behind this ambition on a more personal level and are proud to share that with you.

Isha was born in Delhi, India where she spent her childhood. Growing up, she wanted to follow in her mom’s footsteps and become an architect / interior designer! Much to our benefit, “It took me thirty minutes to realize I did not inherit her ability to visualize spaces,” she recalls. Isha then moved to the US for college, attending Emory University in Atlanta, the city in which she has remained for the last 13 years.

“While I’ve been here for 13 years now and Atlanta is home, India holds a very special place in my heart and will always be home. Given that my husband is from South India and I from North India, we look to cherish and celebrate the traditions of both our cultures in the small ways that we can. Both our families are back in India so we try to go back home to visit when we can.”

Isha’s passions outside of work include traveling (especially a scenic road trip), reading with her book club and trying new recipes. She even shares her passion for baking and her ever-growing cookbook collection with the world through her non-profit company, Sweet Little Things – donating proceeds to various charities that have massive impacts on our local community. If this isn’t enough to keep her busy, Isha and her husband have opened up their home to a now 5-month old dog Luna as well!

Isha is clearly a very ambitious member of our team both at work and outside of work and we applaud her commitment on both ends. To wrap things up we asked her a fun fact about herself to which she replied, “I would go sky diving again any day before I would ever attempt bungee jumping.” The sky is the limit for Isha and we’re quite lucky to have her on our team!