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Your IT Strategy is Already Out of Date

No need to wait … Act now to create a dynamic technology strategy that stands the test of time.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique opportunity for leaders to consider transformative IT organization changes to drive value and provide better service to customers. Thought Logic clients are seizing the moment to make investments that will have an incredible impact on their businesses. With a slowing economy, restricted capital budgets, distributed workforces, and continuously-changing local reopening guidelines, leaders can learn to leverage their IT organizations to stand out from the pack.

To better understand how to drive more cost-effective IT capabilities, a global investment management firm worked with Thought Logic to identify a true “Total Cost of Ownership” that encompassed systems, processes, vendors, and software maintenance. This analysis enabled the company to make strategic investment decisions with a real understanding of impact.

The existing ordering platform of a leading wholesale beverage alcohol distributor could only be used by sales reps to submit and manage customer orders. The company lacked a customer-facing online solution and any supporting data services. They teamed up with us to create an automated IT Service Management solution that leveraged technology to save employees time, minimize errors, and create a more efficient customer experience.

Technology is more important than ever

To become a value driver for the business, IT must evolve from its role as a support function focused exclusively on efficiency, reliability, and compliance and move away from making reactionary decisions for current business problems. In times of uncertainty, organizations can shift their focus and prioritize strategic technology initiatives to drive business value, such as cloud migration strategy, artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and digital transformation.

With leaders facing big challenges – complex legacy systems, economic instability, global unrest, and changing consumer behaviors – their delay in initiating progress is understandable. These issues make it difficult to gain buy-in for technology transformation initiatives. But some companies are innovating today, while are conducting business as usual – and falling behind in the global marketplace. Many organizations just don’t understand the importance of expanding their IT organizations beyond cost and performance responsibilities to create lasting value and competitive advantage.

To create a competitive advantage and build resiliency to external factors, companies should start planning for how the IT organization will be constructed in the future. The IT Organization of the Future” is a critical change agent that adapts, thrives and creates value for the business and customers.

Traditional CIOs Face Many Challenges

The traditional approach to technology progression – forecast, plan, build, repeat – is weak in times of great uncertainty. It hinders an organization from being resilient and adaptive because it encourages development in separate silos. Without the foresight to integrate technology with a business product or customer teams, companies struggle with responsiveness and lose customer-focus.

The traditional approach does not emphasize or encourage innovation. It perpetuates a highly complex environment that is inefficient, lacks agility, and is difficult to change. This outdated thinking leads technologists to develop features and capabilities without knowing whether they meet evolving customer and business needs.

Figure 1: The business agenda is being enabled by next generation technology and information capabilities

The IT Organization of the Future

IT must expand and elevate its value proposition from an emphasis on efficiency and service quality to one focused on capability enablement and innovation. By grouping initiatives and focusing on three enabling areas, Thought Logic helps clients identify what is currently most important to their organization to best build out a path to the ideal “IT Organization of the Future.” No matter which you tackle first, each area builds upon the others to drive long-term success.


Figure 2: The 3 Enabling Areas that Support an IT Organization of the Future

Reimagine Your IT Organization
Reimagine IT’s role within an organization by assessing, planning, and implementing solutions that support a tech-enabled strategic business plan. The plan should align the Business and IT vision, planning for digital enablement, optimizing the current and future total cost of ownership, and supporting strategic M&A integrations.

Deliver Results Faster & More Efficiently
Reinvent technology delivery to create a streamlined and effective IT organization that embraces enabling IT services, analytics, business intelligence, unified IT service management, agile delivery, and improved IT service capabilities. Organizations must develop and train workforces to support the advent of new technologies and establish flexible tech partnerships to drive the most value for investments.

Architect Future-Proof Infrastructure
Develop the organizational infrastructure and architecture to keep pace with rapid technological advancements to seamlessly pivot as needed and respond to unknown risks or requirements. Enabling technologies such as Edge computing will lead to more efficient ways to gather, manage, and analyze data to make informed decisions. And ensuring infrastructure is flexible enough to account for future cybersecurity, compliance, and regulatory requirements will save money and time in the future.

Act Now, Learn, and Prosper

It’s time to act. CIOs face unprecedented challenges in leading their organizations into an unpredictable future where IT departments must become value-drivers. The path forward should be met with excitement (like a game!) – the ability for IT to drive actual competitive advantages for the overall business is a game-changer. Companies that embrace this will lead to the future. It may seem like creating an “IT Organization of the Future” is a daunting and unrealistic task, but it’s easier than you think to manage a tactical plan with a visionary goal.

Thought Logic Can Help

Designing and building a high-performing IT organization is challenging, but Thought Logic can help. We are a firm of top-talent consultants who bring a unique combination of domain expertise in sync with core consulting capabilities to address today’s most significant business and IT problems. In partnership with our clients, we delivery rapid solutions to complex challenges.

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Figure 3: Thought Logic takes a holistic approach to support