Data & Analytics: CPG – Data Governance

Allowing master data to be created, used, and managed in a way that raised quality and trustworthiness of source data.​

Business Challenge

​Leadership of a global CPG company wanted to enhance the maturity of their Data Governance. They knew advancements were needed if they were to create consistent, verified, high quality data that would be a trustworthy source for financial reporting. Other opportunity areas included better controls within their processes, consistency within business rules across domains, and data quality monitoring to become self service. The organization desired to move to an enterprise-level approach that served all data domains.


  • Created Data Governance Framework​, which established routines for issue management.
  • Wrote Data Governance Policies for Master Data and Metadata Lifecycle Management, Acceptable Use, Data Standards, and Governance, setting clear guidelines for process management and data standards which raised the organization’s maturity.
  • Ensured data management processes had proper controls and audits, to halt the proliferation of unneeded data .
  • Designed flexible data model and analytics routines for Master Data quality​, allowing faster in-depth investigation.
  • Evaluated and chose Data Catalog Solution for metadata management, which provided insight to completeness of data documentation.