Change Management: Utilities – CRM Transformation Change Management

Develop and execute an enterprise-wide change management solution designed to prepare sales and marketing professionals for systems integration and transition to Oracle Sales Cloud solution.

Business Challenge

A large electric utility provider faced challenges as they ventured to replace their 20-year-old Customer Relationship Management system. This system upgrade, used by hundreds of sales associates in a decentralized workforce across the state of Georgia, retired two systems and integrated two additional platforms to ultimately operate on Oracle Sales Cloud. After attempting to implement the system over a year ago with an unsuccessful rollout, the organization feared continued lack of adoption. Additionally, their next attempt at rollout took place in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, adding stress on how the organization communicated with their teams. This communication hurdle was not only concerning new ways of working in Oracle Sales Cloud, but also how to continue to meet sales goals in an entirely virtual environment. The transition to a new customer relationship management platform required new workstyles at all levels of the organization – from senior leadership to sales associates.


Our team was selected to deliver communications support during an Oracle Sales Cloud transition to ensure all employees were informed about the new tool. Right away, Thought Logic consultants realized the need for holistic, comprehensive change management beyond just communications to ensure adoption of the new system. In addition to strategic communications support, the team delivered  sponsorship, engagement, training, and sustainment strategies to ensure business readiness among 450 sales and marketing associates. Specifically, the team facilitated workshops to align leadership to a common vision, designed and delivered a Support model including SharePoint solutions for sustainment, developed key training content, and stood up a New Ways of Working team to ensure adoption. Thought Logic facilitated this network of change champions to discover key findings about the new system, and develop and implement new ways of working that supported their goal to drive revenue growth and increase customer loyalty.