Change Management: Media & Entertainment – HR Operational Assessment

Developing a holistic HR dashboard enables informed prioritization decisions and directs resources to make the biggest impact.

Business Challenge

A global company achieving rapid growth through acquisition had recently integrated its portfolio of businesses, including the supporting corporate functions. Human Resources organization received sub-optimal feedback from the business leaders regarding their experiences in partnering across the HR organization, e.g. very slow, bureaucratic, cumbersome, inconsistent, deficit in thought leadership, lack of accountability, etc.

The Chief Human Resources Officer requested assistance in identifying the biggest pain points for prioritization so that a SWAT team could quickly address the “most broken” processes.


Interviews were conducted with the leaders of the primary business units as well as within the Human Resources function. In addition, external research was performed to better understand HR capabilities and expected outcomes and measures of these functions. The SWAT team organized the data into a dashboard/heat map which clearly highlighted the “pain points” in the organization and facilitated the discussion around roadmap development. Based on aligned priorities, the team worked with the leaders of those capabilities to develop a target state vision and map out the 3-4 key processes integral to the growth of the overall business. The team also provided coaching to other HR capability leaders who wanted to initiate their process assessments and target process and organization designs.

Today, the client continues to assess and enhance operational processes and organizational structures to support them. Continuous improvement mindset has become the normal “way of doing business.”