Technology Consulting: Multinational Conglomerate – Real Estate Customer Relationship Management Transformation

Identify ways to convert more business opportunities through great relationship management, process quality improvements, and technology support.

Business Challenge

Our client had a goal to grow the business substantially over five years to provide greater value to its parent company and other subsidiaries. To support its growth, the group identified key process and technology needs for effective customer and account management. During a future state design session, current state practices were reviewed with a goal of driving greater collaboration business units and subsidiaries.


Thought Logic was retained to develop and execute a plan that addressed the client’s process, organizational and technical challenges surrounding the efficient delivery of IT services.

We facilitated the redesign of the customer acquisition and relationship management approach that will improve overall efficiency and outcomes across both the sales cycle and the account management processes. A decision framework was developed for a new technology platform that could further enhance the effectiveness of the redesigned processes (e.g., activity tracking tool, CRM) and overall operating model.