Data & Analytics: Telecommunications – Analytics Strategy and Management

Increased actual and perceived value of Analytics COE to business via better request pipeline management and enhanced internal customer experience.

Business Challenge

A Top 4 US telecommunications company had quickly grown its digital analytics group into an Analytics COE over the previous 1.5 years. The expanded team had a significant number of incoming requests for analysis of varying value to the business primarily driven by a few key leaders. However, awareness of the COE and its capabilities was low across the rest of the company.

The VP of the Analytics COE was interested in: better managing request pipeline to focus the teams’ efforts on the analysis with the best ROI to the business; increasing the number of business units served by the COE and freeing up capacity to serve those groups; improving request tracking, communication with stakeholders, and team executive presentation skills to improve COE internal “brand.”


  • Documented and analyzed existing pipeline of requests to identify areas for improvement; conducted working sessions with analytics team leaders to co-create pipeline management processes and governance model.
  • Developed processes for request intake, scoping, value and effort estimation, prioritization, status tracking, stakeholder communication, issue and risk identification and mitigation, and close-out.
  • Planned and conducted COE roadshow sessions with senior leaders across the business.
  • Helped COE attract and onboard 2 new c-suite clients (CFO and CXO).
  • Coached data analysts/ scientists on “storytelling with data”, slide craft, and executive communication best practices.