Organizational Transformation: Automotive – Redesigning the Organization, Aligning to the Vision

An integrated organizational design and workforce transition/change management framework that optimized cross-functional collaboration across business units to reinvigorate the company vision.

Business Challenge

Burdened with an old-school hierarchical command-and-control mindset, our client needed to re-imagine their go-to-market strategies or face the prospect of financially prohibitive competitive pressures.

Company executives revitalized the company strategy and defined cross-business solution offerings as well as hired critical leaders to guide the organization forward. The leaders needed to quickly revamp the organizational structure for improved organizational agility and collaboration across the enterprise.


  • Thought Logic developed the org design and change management toolkit leveraged as the standard across all efforts.
  • Org Design consultants were assigned to each of the new solution offerings and partnered with a client to define future org capabilities and operating models, while focusing on customer value and seamless processes.
  • Once org designs were finalized, Change Management consultants developed transition plans and communications.