Technology Transformation: Global Investment Company – Modernize ERP & ERM Systems to Oracle Cloud

Thought Logic led an effort to initiate and deliver global Oracle ERP & EPM cloud implementation for Finance and Procurement.

Business Challenge

​At a leading independent investment management company, on-premise, core financials and procurement systems required ongoing investment while providing no new capabilities, innovation, or return on investment. Thought Logic was engaged to initiate a global finance and procurement modernization program. This program was designed to improve effective reporting and insights, streamline processes, enable automation, increase the quality and reliability of data, mitigate risk, and modernize technology infrastructure.


Partnered with leadership to develop business case and achieve funding for Oracle Cloud implementation and Agile Transformation. Mobilized a 200+ person global implementation team utilizing Agile methodology. Selected the ideal system integrator to support planning, pre-implementation, and implementation phases. Selected best-fit technology vendor that achieved organizational objectives while optimizing cost and implemented Agile Transformation roadmap, training, coaching and ongoing adoption.