Business Analytics (The Key Word Is “Business”)

The value information and analytics can provide to your business has never been greater. But while technology advancements open new avenues for data exploration on a seemingly weekly basis, many organizations still struggle to capitalize on information and analytics opportunities.

Our core focus is on the functional domains that drive organizations, so we view all business analytics solutions through that lens. Sometimes this means applying business, technical or quantitative expertise to solve business challenges in a specific functional domain. Other times, it requires strategic planning and advice for building analytics platforms and frameworks to enable improved decision making across functional domains. And at all times, it requires the ability to align an organization around the purpose for, and value of, a business analytics initiative.

We think beyond point solutions, and seek to help our clients build analytics capabilities, as well as a culture that values and continually improves its ability to make sound, fact-based decisions. We excel at creating analytics solutions that endure.

The Thought Logic Advantage

  • Optimize business operations

  • Better understand, predict and address customer behavior

  • Improve supply chain efficiency and control

  • Optimize forecasting and planning

  • Gain insight into employee engagement and performance

  • Pilot and test Analytics solutions efficiently and cost-effectively

Our Approach

Our team offers pragmatic, forward-thinking strategies and delivers proven, innovative results. We view technology and data as tools to solve business challenges, and think of ourselves as being “trilingual” — understanding the business, technology and quantitative aspects of the business analytics domain.

Thought Logic provides Business Analytics services in the following areas:

Thought Logic Service Matrix Business Analytics


Establishing a strategy for information and analytics is a critical step in maximizing the value you obtain from your data. Our first step towards an Information & Analytics Strategy is to develop a thorough understanding of the needs of your business, and then compare that to an assessment of your current-day information and analytics capabilities. With that knowledge in hand, we are able to design an Information & Analytics Strategy that articulates a vision as well as the capabilities, technologies, priorities, programs and milestones required to achieve that vision. We’ll also help you understand the organization alignments required to mature your analytics capabilities, develop a sound business case for proceeding with analytics programs, and create a change management plan that lays the groundwork for successful, new initiatives.


Data visualization significantly accelerates time to insight and increased user adoption. Graphical representations of data communicate patterns, trends, and outliers far more quickly than tables full of numbers and text. With visualization, users can spot issues and problems at a glance and take appropriate action. The key to data visualization isn’t just providing a creative visual representation of data, though; it’s about providing visualizations that acknowledge business context as well as the skills and needs of end-users. Thought Logic uses three simple principles to ensure data visualizations pass the test:

  1. It is visually welcoming and easy to understand?
  2. Does it tell a story?
  3. Is it actionable?


Thought Logic understands the importance of data and how to enable decision making by providing trustworthy, consistent and complete master data at the right time and place. Businesses need to gain consensus across the organization on the key data elements that really matter. Data management and data governance are the cornerstones of business analytics initiatives and solutions that deliver accurate and reliable results. Through years of experience, we have learned how to focus MDM initiatives on the business data that matters, and how to design and roll out lean data governance initiatives that benefit technology and business stakeholders alike.


Every business can benefit from improved analytical capabilities – we all want to better understand customers and employees, optimize operations, and make better decisions. But to many organizations, the field of analytics is a black box, and they simply don’t know where to begin. Our Analytics Incubator offering provides a jump start for analytics initiatives. It leads an organization through the analytics process, from ideation, analysis and hypothesis creation to data visualization and storytelling. The Analytics Incubator is a low risk, high speed path to achieving analytics results. We provide the platform and capabilities, you provide the raw data and business challenge, and together we determine the potential ROI for proceeding with a full-blown analytics endeavor.


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  • Project Leadership: Healthcare

    A large healthcare company embarked on a multi-year, board-level approved program to consolidate 20+ remote data centers, managed by BU resources, down to 2 core data centers managed by the Corporate IT group
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