It’s Called Human Capital For a Reason

People are the most valuable asset of any enterprise. And they’re an asset particularly challenging to steward especially for organizations evolving to meet current and future demands.

Finding, developing and retaining the right talent to fuel your business has never been more difficult. As the competitive landscape constantly reforms, your business and your workforce must keep pace. HR leaders must articulate and orchestrate the right Talent Strategy for the business; one that will strengthen critical workforce capabilities while supporting the ongoing tuning of the organizational structure and roles.

The Thought Logic Difference

Thought Logic provides Human Capital services in the following three areas:

  • HR Functional Transformation
  • Talent Strategy and Capability Development
  • Workforce Planning and Analytics
Thought Logic Service Matrix Human Capital

The Thought Logic Advantage

  • Efficient HR processes with improved employee experience

  • Better alignment with enterprise strategy

  • Enhanced workforce capabilities and a ready talent pipeline

  • Lower overall labor costs at the enterprise level due to improved retention

  • Improved leveraging of strategic HR capabilities


Transformative initiatives require a holistic view of the role of HR within the enterprise and an over-arching vision for the function. We support your team with refinement of the HR mission in light of the enterprise strategy, identifying improvement target areas and related metrics. With these goals in mind, we devise a transformation roadmap to implement manageable, stepwise changes to enable your mission.

Our client’s HR Transformation Roadmaps consider:

  • Overarching HR Operating Model and Design
  • HR Functional Skills/Capabilities
  • HR Service Delivery Design and Employee Experience
  • HR Shared Service/Outsourcing Assessment Talent Process Effectiveness, Design and Improvement


How well is your workforce prepared to meet the needs of the business in future? What capabilities are increasingly strategic, or of diminished business value? How well are the future plans of critical enterprise functions reflected in your talent acquisition and development plans? Building the right talent pipeline and readiness of the existing workforce are challenges every HR leader must address. Our team will work with you to construct a Talent Strategy and Workforce plan that aligns and supports the business needs. Considerations include:

  • High Potential/Leader Identification and Preparation
  • Competency Management and Capability Development
  •  Succession Management, Resource Planning and Critical Role Pipelines
  • Employee Value Proposition and Employment Brand


Taking a close look at your Human Capital means asking the right questions. Is your enterprise operating model evolving in alignment with the business? How well does your organizational structure support key business goals? How will your organization need to shift to in response to Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures? Our team will work with you to assess the effectiveness of HR Centers of Excellence as they work to enhance overall workforce or functional group effectiveness.

  • Workforce Engagement and Retention
  • Culture Health and Alignment to Enterprise Strategy
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Effectiveness Assessment and Organizational Design


  • Project Leadership: Healthcare

    A large healthcare company embarked on a multi-year, board-level approved program to consolidate 20+ remote data centers, managed by BU resources, down to 2 core data centers managed by the Corporate IT group
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  • Corporate Relocation: Retail Food Service

    The challenge for this large international bakery was managing and coordinating all parties involved in the buildout of the space and coordinating the movement of employees who would be relocating to the new HQ.
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