Maximize The Benefits Of Mergers & Acquisitions

Hoping to capitalize on opportunities in the market, companies are merging with or acquiring organizations at an increasing rate. What happens after these disparate worlds collide can be a tipping point in the success of your M&A strategy. Leadership must look at challenges holistically. That’s where we can help.

Organizations spend millions of dollars and countless hours on due diligence prior to an M&A deal being closed. Often, little attention is paid to the integration work required after the transaction. Thought Logic helps our clients properly account for the effort required to maximize the benefits of the transaction without interrupting what works today.

The Thought Logic Advantage

  • An informed and engaged workforce, focused on the desired end-state

  • Strong support for current-day functions as integration activities proceed

  • Change management and communications support to keep teams aligned and informed

  • Critical business analysis to identify opportunities to increase synergies

  • Program management and governance to guide the integration to a successful conclusion

Our Approach

The Thought Logic team brings a proven, structured approach to integration, focusing on three components: Change Leadership, Functional Expertise, and Integration Management.

Working with your deal team, Thought Logic helps close the gap from expected to realized value.

Thought Logic Service Matrix M&A Integration

Change Leadership

Once we understand the impacts of the integration on to all affected stakeholders, we ensure appropriate integration messages reach your various audiences at the right times. We pay attention to the respective organization’s culture and provide direction for talent management and the capabilities of the end-state organization. With clear and consistent communication and a focused change enablement strategy, Thought Logic minimizes disruption to the business.

Functional Expertise

Our team averages more than 20 years of experience across Finance, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Human Capital and IT. By providing support to functional leaders in critical areas of the business, we enable them to focus on finding solutions to challenges with the greatest potential impact to the integration.

Integration Management

Often overlooked, Integration Management can have the greatest impact on achieving synergies. We work with you to establish strong program governance that will lend structure to the integration and focus on alignment of the impacted functional areas. Our detailed project plans, tools, and templates remove uncertainty from the integration and provide clear messaging to leadership on the status of the integration efforts.


  • Business Transformation: Financial Services

    A Fortune 10 company needs a partner to help them meet opportunities for cost reduction through determining how to best structure SG&A expenses after a recent acquisition valued at over $9B.
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  • Program Governance: Financial Services

    A US-based financial services company sought to significantly improve the performance of the finance function through a combination of a global financial systems enhancement, a global shared services model and streamlined processes
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