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Maximize The Benefits Of Mergers & Acquisitions

A. Hoping to capitalize on opportunities in the market, companies are merging with or acquiring organizations at an increasing rate. What happens after these disparate worlds collide can be a tipping point in the success of your M&A strategy. Leadership must look at challenges holistically. That’s where we can help.

Once an acquisition is closed, there is typically a flurry of activity to mobilize a team, communicate with and engage employees and announce immediate organizational changes. Leaders are frequently challenged to develop the framework for effectively integrating the acquired company because of multiple priorities. Thought Logic helps its clients establish the governance mechanism to manage the complexities of integrating two companies and cultures, develop a communications strategy to keep all employees engaged, provides functional expertise and project management support to drive individual workstreams and provide a means for measuring and monitoring desired results.

The Thought Logic Advantage

  • An informed and engaged workforce, focused on the desired end-state

  • Strong support for current-day functions as integration activities proceed

  • Change management and communications support to keep teams aligned and informed

  • Critical business analysis to identify opportunities to increase synergies

  • Program management and governance to guide the integration to a successful conclusion

Thought Logic Approach

The Thought Logic team brings a proven, structured approach to integration, focusing on three components: Integration Management, Functional Expertise, and Change Leadership.

Meeting long-term ROI commitments requires short-term, focused execution that blends institutional subject matter expertise from each legacy organization with disciplined merger integration best-practices.

Working with your deal team, Thought Logic helps close the gap between expected and realized value.

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