Engaged And Committed People = Successful Change

Most people are afraid of change. Like public speaking or spiders. It’s a fact.  But that’s ok. Our experienced and innovative Change Management team is fearless and very, very good.

Change is inevitable in the life of any competitive organization. But if the people impacted by the change don’t understand the What, Why, When, and How, the change will likely fail.

Without this crucial understanding, employees may start to work in a new way, but productivity will dip significantly and many may revert to old habits if given the opportunity.

Thought Logic enables organizations to successfully navigate the myriad business challenges that require change.

The Thought Logic Advantage

  • Diminish the fear of change

  • Help employees do their jobs successfully and with confidence

  • Make changes “stick”

  • Improve workforce engagement and performance

  • Grow the business

Our Approach

Whether change requires using a new technology, working with new people, or doing things in a new way, we start by listening to our clients and envisioning their desired future state. Once we understand where an organization wants to go, we apply field-proven, recognized methodologies to bridge the gap between current performance and a future state of sustainable enhanced performance.

We help stakeholders understand, adopt and integrate change by:

  • Aligning the organization to accept change
  • Encouraging engagement in change with targeted communications highlighting the What, Why, and When of the transformation
  • Educating the workforce on the new technology, process, or organizational design so they know how to start working differently
  • Sustaining desired behaviors through ongoing assessments and support
Thought Logic Service Matrix Organizational Change Management

Program Change Management

Our Change Management experts will support you from the moment the project is chartered through to adoption and reinforcement, leading an integrated change team or as advisors to your own change management staff members.

Change Management Capability Building

If you are building a change management capability within your business, we can support you with design of the “change management office” and role definition in the context of your program management structure. With a specific methodology or your own customized blend, we can set up the tools, templates and training to enable an effective change management COE within your enterprise and advance your change leaders’ knowledge and skills as program sponsors.

Change Readiness or Adoption Assessment

When a change is underway, it is crucial to constantly assess change risk and readiness for transition. Our experts will join your team in assessing risk factors and adoption readiness, and identify strategies to enhance the change management effort. Along the way, we will transfer new skills and ideas to your team for use in the future.

Communications / Engagement Planning and Execution

We understand your people are on email overload, and your change-related communications can be lost in their overflowing inbox. Our experts have experience finding the right message to send and new ways to send it, capturing your key stakeholders’ interest, attention, and ultimately their support. We look for creative ways to engage key stakeholders throughout the change lifecycle, creating competence and commitment long before “go live.” Dealing with powerful legacy perspectives? Passive resistance? We’ve been there. We know how to help. Call us for a practical plan that really works and presents your change in a way that is truly engaging, fun, and sustainable for your business.


  • Project Leadership: Healthcare

    A large healthcare company embarked on a multi-year, board-level approved program to consolidate 20+ remote data centers, managed by BU resources, down to 2 core data centers managed by the Corporate IT group
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  • Corporate Relocation: Retail Food Service

    The challenge for this large international bakery was managing and coordinating all parties involved in the buildout of the space and coordinating the movement of employees who would be relocating to the new HQ.
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