Effective Leadership Drives Project Success

Project Leadership is defined as the ability to get things done well with others (source: PMBOK).

At Thought Logic, this isn’t just a definition, it’s how we approach every interaction with our clients. Project Leaders are more than just project managers who update tasks in a project plan. Our Project Leaders bring a mix of broad technical experience, methodology and engaging interpersonal skills to exercise influence— often without authority— and exceptional drive to achieve the project goals, resulting in success for the client.

The Thought Logic Advantage

  • Aligned business and technology teams working towards the same goals

  • Credible business cases that can be realized

  • Standardized project portfolio management

  • Achievement of targeted benefits

Our Approach

Providing experienced program management skill to assist clients in realizing the full potential of their business initiatives is just one component of our overall capabilities. Thought Logic can assist you in setting up the governance structure and standards for your projects, in addition to making sure the execution is driving towards an on-time and under-budget delivery.

Thought Logic Service Matrix Project Leadership

Project & Program Management

Sometimes even simple projects can become a challenge if not managed properly. That’s why our Project Leaders apply project lifecycle discipline and methodologies to give our clients full transparency and control over their initiatives. We also proactively identify potential challenges and work with our sponsors to effectively and thoughtfully course-correct when necessary.

As a result, our clients are able to leverage our proven track record of successful project and program delivery at enterprise-level accounts. Our Program Managers help clients realize the full potential of their business initiatives. This may mean standardizing project portfolio management, bridging gaps between existing and optimal department structures, or assisting senior leadership to define ROI goals and efficiently achieve them.

Business Analysis

To reach your destination, you need to fully understand where you are today, and where you want to go. Thought Logic performs the requirements gathering and analysis essential to bridging that gap. We’ll make sure your project steps out on the right foot.


No successful large-scale program is an island. Or a silo. Large programs often require an effective PMO function to ensure all the moving parts interact smoothly and with minimal conflict between tangential stakeholders. Our team has deep experience in designing, implementing and managing PMO functions.

Benefits Realization & Business Case Support

Building a business case that justifies expenditure of capital funding is not a trivial exercise. We give our clients the right tools and methods to model potential ROI and other tangible business benefits. And we assist our clients in presenting their case in a logical, concise format designed to secure approval.


  • Project Leadership: Media

    A large media company developing a new gaming product to leverage their entertainment properties needs guidance to hit tight development milestones, in order to successfully launch release of the product in time for the retail holiday season.
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  • Project Leadership: Financial Services

    A multi-billion dollar financial services company, is consolidating multiple shared service centers into two lower-cost locations, and simultaneously implementing a new revenue management and fee billing solution from a third-party vendor
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