Information And Alignment Leads To Sales And Marketing Success

Whether your customers are businesses or consumers, keeping their attention has never been harder. Ironically, it has never been easier to spend money on customer-related initiatives. It is a growing challenge to make wise investments that truly increase customer engagement.

We specialize in helping our clients get to know and understand their customers so our clients can develop products, services and experiences tailored to their customers’ needs and desires. We collaborate with our clients on aligning their organizations to deliver the best customer experience possible, across all channels and mediums. And we work with our clients to develop their ability to constantly monitor sales and marketing performance so they can make critical adjustments to campaigns as initiatives are carried out, all in the name of increasing returns on sales and marketing investments.

We provide Sales & Marketing services in the following areas:

  • Omni-Channel
  • Digital Analytics
  • Marketing & Sales Effectiveness
Thought Logic Service Matrix Sales Marketing

The Thought Logic Advantage

  • Understand customer behaviors across all channels

  • Develop KPIs to measure and continually improve customer experience

  • Align the organization to cultivate better customer interactions

  • Improve processes to deliver a consistently great customer experience


How do you deliver a consistently excellent experience in a world with so many interactions between customer and company? Which channel – in-store, on-line, in-app, catalog – is the most profitable for you over the long term? And who “owns” customer experience in your organization – is it Sales? Product Development? Customer Service?

We help our clients solve the Omni-Channel equation, through services such as:

  • Customer Segmentation: Master and analyze customer data to understand distinct consumer groups and what drives their behavior
  • Journey Mapping: Identify and articulate each consumer group’s holistic interaction and touch-points with company
  • Customer & Channel Analytics: Identify your most profitable customers and channels, and understand how to optimize customer behavior across channels
  • Customer Service Process Improvement: Assess your communications with customers before, during and after the sale; are you delivering a clear, consistent message? Do your customers know you appreciate them?
  • Organization Alignment: Determine who “owns” customer experience, and align the organization around the right metrics and KPIs to improve customer experience over time.

Digital Analytics

To understand customer behavior and drive sales and profitability, you have to capture information well beyond the point of sale. We help our clients capture customer interactions in the digital world, and then pull that data into a holistic view of customer engagement, through services such as:

  • Web Analytics: leverage best-in-class tools and techniques to capture and report on consumer interactions on the web and in apps
  • Social Media Analytics: Listen to what customers say about your brand through social media, and determine when and how to respond to customer sentiment and reactions
  • Product Development KPIs: Align product development teams around KPIs that impact customer behavior, by providing them with near-real-time insights about customer interactions in the digital world

Marketing & Sales Effectiveness

Measuring Marketing and Sales Effectiveness is no longer a straight-forward process. It requires analysis across products, channels and geographies; an understanding of customer and product profitability; a fact-based approach for determining the real impact of marketing campaigns and technology investments; and, of course, an in-depth review of sales department achievements. We shed light on Marketing & Sales Effectiveness through services such as:

  • Sales KPIs & Dashboards: Measure sales performance and profitability from multiple angles
  • Modeling and Analytics: Attribute and understand the impact of marketing campaigns on sales performance
  • Sales Alignment: Analyze and assess sales profitability, and align performance and compensation frameworks that impact the top and bottom lines


  • Program Management: Retail Food Service

    A global leader in the retail food services industry with an international presence that includes 34 manufacturing facilities, 26 distribution centers, four innovation centers of excellence and more than 8,500 employees needed system-wide guidance on the focus of their sales and marketing efforts.
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  • Project Leadership: Media

    A large media company developing a new gaming product to leverage their entertainment properties needs guidance to hit tight development milestones, in order to successfully launch release of the product in time for the retail holiday season.
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