Between Demand And Supply There Is The Supply Chain

At Thought Logic we understand that there is no one best supply chain for every company. Supply chains can be global and highly complex even for companies which manufacture or distribute relatively uncomplicated products and services. And once a supply chain operation and its processes are in place, increased competition in key global industries requires leadership to continually review each facet of the supply chain network to ensure the business runs efficiently and continues to be responsive to customer demands.

To properly explore potential innovations or enhancements to existing business operations, Supply Chain Management (SCM) professionals need trusted advisors with strong industry backgrounds, extensive hands-on experience and a high degree of knowledge of the digital tools and methods shaping the future of supply chain networks.

Thought Logic delivers these capabilities through Supply Chain service offerings in the following areas:

  • Customer-Driven Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Optimization
  • Network Collaboration & Real-Time Integration
  • Lean Transformation
Thought Logic Service Matrix Supply Chain

The Thought Logic Advantage

  • Customer focused solutions that drive collaboration across the supply chain

  • Higher margins through elimination of redundancy and waste

  • Increased availability of real-time information to drive better reporting and analytics

  • Lower cost of operations from spend through distribution

  • Enhanced utilization of critical resources

Customer-Driven Supply Chain Management

Managing the supply chain network relies on collaboration between all parties with the goal of meeting customer expectations. Customer feedback is typically facilitated by regular, systematic feedback on service level agreements (SLA’s).

Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Optimization

Assisting our clients by identifying year-over-year spend reductions and employing procurement best practices to ensure that the supplier SLA’s match expectations.

Network Collaboration & Real-Time Integration

As supply networks become more global and more complex, businesses must obtain real-time supply chain operational data at each supply intersection to support critical decision making.

Lean Transformation

Lean transformation used to be reserved solely for manufacturing companies. Today, lean transformation is a vital discipline for any operation looking to eliminate waste or drive higher margins.


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